Friday, May 6, 2011

Picture Perfect Friday. My tools of the trade.

This is a look at the tools of my trade, no not one I make money with. My hobby is scale model building which can be a trade in itself with the investments you make in time, money, research all dd up.

I have two converted tool boxes that house my tools, from paints,spare parts glue masking tape decals pant brushes mixing palliate empty jars for washing my brushes in. You see the most recent model I am working on here, and my last tool is my computer.

Yes my computer is a tool, I never work on any model without doing background research, and the internet is a great place to find photos, actual footage of the aircraft or vehicle in service and of course historic articles and reviews can be located easily. Yes I still have some books, but more often now I use my computer.

So there are the tools of my trade, or more correctly hobby. Hope you enjoy.