Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some of my models, and how I became a scale modeler.

Above me working on my model of mpc's Ju52 transport.

Above two photos of my model of the Airfix 1/72nd scale Ju-87 Stuka,
Airfix really revamped and added details that had been missing on the old mpc kit. This shows a Stuka in standard North African paint scheme, with Italian markjngs. Italy did have Ju-87's but not until 1943 and they were painted the standard German two tone green and Sky Blue color scheme and used in Sicily.
 Above my completed model of the old mpc Ju-52, in a paint scheme for Italy 1943. Still scrounging decals, since the old ones from the kit do not work.

Above, original box art from the old mpc PROFILE SERIES kit of the Ju-52. This is still a favorite, even though it is out of production. Thank heaven for e-bay.

Since I was eight years old, I have been into scale model building. For me this began with me watching my dad work on scale model kits on Saturdays. I would sit patiently and watch as my father would build a B-17 or P-40. Maybe I would have the opportunity to paint the kit or add the decals.

When I was 14, I began to build models myself, and it has been an adventure ever since. Back when I began, I built two companies models; they were mpc and Revell. At first Revell only offered one set of decals and a single paint scheme with their kits, but they had a wide array of kits on the market.
MPC on the other hand had what were known as the Profile Series, you got three sets of decals and three different paint schemes.

Part of the fun with mpc was deciding which version you would build. The decals sometimes were the most colorful part of the kit.

Several years ago, I was forced to abandon my entire collection. I could taken only five completed kits, and the handful of unbuilt kits I had at the time.

I lost every MPC kit and Revell kit I had built, what made this really bad, was that mpc was no longer producing hardly anythjng by this point and Revell had long since stopped producing their kits.
I began to slowly rebuild my collection, and one of the most recent kits I built was an old mpc kit, that I bought off of e-bay. The kit was of the Ju-52 and I added a few details to it.

I found that Airfix was the parent company of the mpc line in the US, and just recenly built the Airfix kit of the Ju-87.

Above are some photos of these models. Note I will add more and include some how to's as I go along.

My question to any of the scale modelers out there, do you remember the old mpc profile series kits? What was your favorite kit, and what kit that was never released would you have liked to see mpc produce in the profile series, if they were still around today?